To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .




I'M IN PAIN!! First off, i apologise in advance for the blunders that you might come across in this post. Bear with me my eyes are teary. Now playing: I usually play songs from my phone...

The Life I (do not) Miss

If you fall asleep seconds after feeling sleeping, my dear, I congratulate you. I feel super sleepy as I type but I have been rolling on my bed for over 20 minutes and I...

Body Oil, Again

I really do not have much of an introduction seeing that I have quite a lot to talk about.  This rape issue and other ills going on ehn, it is so sad. I pray...


So here I am, typing this in my sister's room since the light bulb in my room is bad and I have refused to fix it. Honestly, these network providers have been frustrating me...

Body oils? Yes please

Hellooo!  Today is warm, different from other days; wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too different. And oh, I started working out today, but as I jogged, I had to deal with my parents’ laughter. I was really going to...

First Of!

It is a Sunday evening but you would be reading this on a Friday so i am not lying. I have postponed writing this in my head till two weeks from now, no, not due...

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