To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .



Tales of A Forehead Girl

It is few minutes past midnight but here I am, shoving came and Pepsi down my throat. No, I am not hungry, I am just bored.  Now playing: Selemi by Oyinkanade This week surprisingly came with...

All I Want

I really do not know how to start this but here I am, stuck behind this screen. Now playing: Lose my mind by LAX I just watched The Train, yes, I just did. I told you...


 When I am gone. . . remember me in a sunset or in a smile of a friend. Remember me when you think of my favourite bible verses. But do not spend a lot...

Dishes that should be included in the owambe food menu

It has been raining for days now and I love the weather, absolutely perfect. Also, I am considering going vegan for a month or two, I would gist you later but for now let...


I did not plan on writing this but the time is 11:07pm and oh well, here I am. Now playing: Baami by Femi Flame ft Mike Abdul Eachtime I play this song Bolaji gets a blessing...

Tragedy Again, Who Did We Offend?

I never thought I would come here to rant about the recent killings going on in the USA due to personal reasons but I have had enough. Recently, a black man was shot dead...

Child’s Play

Between my previous post on body oil and now, I lost 2kg and I am proud of myself (I did not go through any routine, it just happened). I got me a skipping rope...


I'M IN PAIN!! First off, i apologise in advance for the blunders that you might come across in this post. Bear with me my eyes are teary. Now playing: I usually play songs from my phone...

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