Tragedy Again, Who Did We Offend?


I never thought I would come here to rant about the recent killings going on in the USA due to personal reasons but I have had enough. Recently, a black man was shot dead by a police man, why? I really cannot give a reply to that because having watched the video it is obvious that the police man had no reason to kill the deceased. 

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He was in his car, sleeping when the police man tapped his window and asked that he got down which he did respectfully, he said yes sir. I almost cried but the hard guy in me did not let me. How could he? I felt sincere pain for that guy and all other victims of police brutality especially in Nigeria. It is sad that the one who should protect us is now our killer. He was obviously a peaceful guy who probably had alcohol and was taking a nap in his car. If even he had a lot to drink, he was not driving, HE WAS SLEEPING!!!!! HAVING A NAP!! HE OBEYED THE POLICE MEN IN EVERYWAY. He was even asked to count 1 to over a thousand which he did without hesitation, even our nursery school students are not asked to do that. 

The other day, two police men pushed down a 75 year old man, ok that is bad, but the fact that while he was lying on the floor, bleeding from his ear and they did not try helping him up is alarming. Another police man tried helping but one of the police men who pushed the old man down stopped him from helping. Oh well, that was not a racist act since the old man is white but that act is sickening. I almost cry whenever I have to kill a chicken, you can see the fear in its eyes but now we all kill HUMANS without blinking.

I sincerely do not want to talk about the racism going on and I do not want to see this as one though it almost clearly is. I understand the fact that there are good police men out there but this is tragic and so not it. I do understand that an army officer is accountable for every bullet that goes missing in his gun and if he misfires he would face charges. This disciplines them and makes them fire only when necessary, cannot the police put this to practice too? The man who was shot posed no threat to the police man, even if he was armed which he was not because the taser he had is non lethal, He was running from the police man not facing him. Sad that he was killed on his daughter’s birthday.

Let’s talk about rape another day.

Oh well, we can only hope things get better.

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