First off, i apologise in advance for the blunders that you might come across in this post. Bear with me my eyes are teary.

Now playing: I usually play songs from my phone but since the fall and crack, I have been scared to touch my phone seeing that it can just shatter.

Ladies and gentlemen, God should not be toyed with. I usually have new posts every Saturday and Wednesday but guess who decided to skip Wednesday because she didn’t have motivation, yes, me. Having written down a lot of things to write on, no o, I decided not to. 

I was playing with my nephew yesterday night but I got  sleepy and decided to go to bed. I usually wash my face before bed and this time there was no light so I had to use the flash light of my phone then, booommmm, ah my chest. My phone fell down and the perfectly smooth screen turned to spider web. My chest still hurts. I spent the first few minutes of shock holding my phone wondering if it was the sane phone i had seconds ago or someone quickly switched it. 

This is not the first time I would be taking my phone to the bathroom so why did it choose to fail me now?

I’m not vexed o but NEPA or whatever it is you call them are the cause of this. If there was light would I have taken my phone to the bathroom? It hurts but we move sha. I won’t cry. I’m done talking about me.

What’s up with you?

How’s the holiday going?

Please do not take your phone into your bathroom I beg you. Never try it. It is risky and I have learnt.

Bye bye

To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .

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  1. This is funny😂 and at the same time pathetic 😪. I love the write up. Thanks for the advice tho

    Sorry about that crash. The holiday was boring yesterday, it was lovely today…only God knows how tomorrow will be, that is the trend my holiday seems to follow🙄


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