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It is few minutes past midnight but here I am, shoving came and Pepsi down my throat. No, I am not hungry, I am just bored. 

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This week surprisingly came with a lot of fun. First, my mum’s birthday on Monday (I will share pictures when the photographer releases them).

Then, Rodyat came to Ibadan on Tuesday but we got to see on Wednesday. Priscilla came from Lagos on Friday.

How does all this relate to having a big forehead? My dear chill. Thank you.

Grab your popcorn I still have Pepsi to go round.

I have always had a big forehead, it is sort of a family thing and I most times feel insecure about it. I would avoid making hairstyles like shuku and all back or any hairstyle that does not have a curve (my shield to prevent you from laughing at my forehead). 

There are times in secondary school I would get punished for plaiting curve and the set hairstyle but I did not mind getting punished, no one was going to laugh at my forehead. Recently, I have been seeing a lot of lovely hairstyles but I would have to let go of my insecurity to have me plait the style. 

Then boom, my aunt visited from Lagos and I had her plait me an hairstyle I’ve always felt ashamed to wear, shuku. It wasn’t an easy decision as I haven’t exposed my forehead in years now but here you go, you get to see it plain, no curve to shield your laughter, no face cap to hide my insecurity, just my big forehead and I. 

My point? I figured there is no way to get past it, I cannot keep hiding, I have always wanted to plait this hairstyle and there, I did . It is off my bucket list. Surprisingly, I got good compliments. There is no point hiding what would never leave you, accept your faith, take you for who you are. My big forehead would never leave me and so would your so called scar, some things are meant to stay.  Do not deprive yourself of the joy you deserve because you care about a passerby would say. 

Whenever I get this bad thoughts about my look all I say to myself is laslas, I will get married and my family loves me for me. I have always wanted a new look, I got me a new look. No one has ever told me I look ugly because of my forehead, I just imagined it, you mostly like are too. It is ok to feel insecure about some things about you but darling, own it and slay it.

What did you hear about humans with big forehead?

To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .

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