Taking Stock Of My Life


Has not been so long, has it?

Now playing:  Nothing by TRH. 

I recently deleted all songs but two and I do not feel like listening to any so I would be typing this blog  post musicless. Not the first time though. I was going to talk about creativity boosters but this suddenly popped up so let us postpone the blog post on creativity, shall we?

I thought to share some of my favourite happenings this year and also take stock of things I achieved this year. This is my way of motivating me.

 *Started my skincare routine (some sought of therapy)

 *Became an OAP at Great FM

 *Taking my love for vintage songs to a new level ( I am working on a podcast for that, stay tuned)

 *Started up THE RAINBOW HEART brand, for now I have TRH blog and TRH shop but believe me when I say there is much more to expect.

 *Taking my health more serious, omo, it has not been easy. I am slowly cutting off junks.

 *Started two online courses. Started o, not finished, I hope to finish them soon just keep me in your prayers.

 *Joined an NGO

 *Started work with a media house and yes, there is a competition coming up pretty soon, you surely want to get involved in this.

 *Read Karen Kingsbury novels. Does not seem much but I admire the way she cooks Godliness with suspense glazed with romance.

You really should take stock of your achievements no matter how little it may seem, you would find more reasons to be grateful. It also motivates you in a way words fail me to express. It hurts that there would be no TEDx FUNAAB this year.

Have you any plans on the 29th of November? You should not miss this.



To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .

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