It has been so long and you would have to forgive me for staying away for that long. 

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This heat is no longer normal because kilode?

I went for a youth camp last weekend and as always I am here to report what I learnt but not now. I should have a class on so many pressing issues but I have been procrastinating. The class would come up early next year, most likely in January. ANTICIPATE! It would be all shades of wonderful by His grace.

I am putting this out here so that if I do not comply you can drag me but do so gently e joor.

I and a bunch of others would be speaking on excuses we give for not pursuing our dreams. We all would agree that Nigeria is far from perfect and it seems like the country has this specialty of frustrating the dreams of the young, old too. So most of us refrain from doing anything productive till we jand. Oh well, agreed the country is all shades of frustrating but making it pull down your dreams is like suicide. It is not your fault that the country is this bad, probably, but it is your responsibility to choose how it affects you and all that concerns you.

There would be a session on: 

* Personalizing God/ your salvation.

* Doing things you feel would not be accepted but still doing it anyway.

* What brings your life relevancy. 

* Being a young decision maker.

* The earth is for the highest bidder and lots more!

You really should not miss this class, it would be all shades of lovely and educational. I would  unveil the speakers in December so you should subscribe to my blog  to get updates.

And yes, the OYO ‘preneur fest 20 comes up tomorrow, the 29th and you really should be there. This is not a program you should miss. It starts by 11am and ends by 5pm.


See you pretty soon.


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