Happy new month, I pray December turns out to be the best as it is the last.

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I was randomly going through my emopad and I stumbled on the to-do list I made at the start of the year and I can say isย omooooooo. Yeah, 2020 turned out not so smooth and this is not even just about the pandemic, it is the excess emotional trauma Nigeria put us in, the massacre, the economic recession, the fact that Nigeria made it seem like life has lost its value, the fact that a lot of people died for no cause and lots more.

I made a to-do list this January, when the year was still innocent, probably January 4. When the year started turning in its problems I totally forgot about all I wrote, I lost track and was just doing all I could to stay sane and productive which was a whole sport but going through my emopad last night I figured God is really too faithful to fail. I ticked those I was able to achieve through God even thought I did not get achieve just four, I made a list of 16 to-dos.

I have been indecisive and supper lazyyyyyyyyyyy this year, i deserve an award but how I got to do most of all I wanted is shocking. You bet my 2021 to-do list is ready, I made another last night and this one is supper long.ย 

This year should teach you not to underestimate the power of God and yeah, I know people say the year has not ended yet and you can still get what God promised you this year but you are already in doubt. My advice, keep trusting, he is able. I still believe I can tick off the remaining to-do on my list for the year and that I am working towards. I am not that good at giving advice or motivating but I hope my rant is somehow strong enough to make you keep believing. And if you do stop believing, you should know it would not stop Him from being God so you would be at loss.ย BRAG ABOUT JESUS.

I also made a December wish list and though it seems like I would not be able to do all I still would try. Want to see?

*Send a friend money

*Overpay a trader

*Go on a solo date

*Write a letter to five people I admire

*Read a Karen Kingsbury book

*Bring something to share at the family reunion

*Movie day

*Call an old friend

*Appreciation post on my Instagram page

*Frame pictures of my best 2019-2020 moments ( could be a photo book)

*Visit an art gallery

There you go. I feel you should make yours. The little things matter. And show gratitude even for minute things.

An Orphan outreach comes up this Saturday in Lagos. I feel you should be there if you can.

Would you rather start the year again without all the heartache it brought or would you just move on?

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