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Am I the only one who feels 2021 comes with a lot of money? I claim it o.

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On the last day of 2020, I bought a kolo (savings box). I just felt like I really need to get into the habit of saving, not like I do not save at all, I do, but I give up when I am in dire need of money. Would that happen this year? I do not think so. I plan on breaking  the kolo open in December. There is a lot to save up for, so even I feel I need the money, I dare not touch it. I am not making this post to talk about saving, but I thought I would share in case you need motivation to start saving too.

 I feel so hyper about this year and I do not know why. A lot of things are not solved yet but I feel it gradually would. I would share random picks from my journal about the New Year. Have faith as you read.

Random picks from my journal ( I really hope you pick up one or two things as they are quite scattered, lol)
 * I feel God is saying I have come to fulfil the covenant I had with you.
 *Certain things would happen in your life, things you did not even pray for and things you have forgotten you prayed about.
 * If you set an alarm for 4:05am, you do not have to trigger it off , it goes off even when you turn off your phone. Gods set time is like an alarm that must go off.
 *Pray against disbelief and pride. Deuteronomy 8, God will do things, you might think you got it because of your prayers but it is ONLY by His mercy.
 *You are entering a land of no need. He has it all worked out just obey.
 *No one qualifies for mercy but He gave you anyway.
 *At the SET TIME, all things work together for good (good or bad).
 *Your joy shall be established.
 *God will arise because it is the SET TIME( time of favour).
 *This time comes with chances and opportunities and you will wonder and know that it is God.

 *Everything matters when the time is not yet here but when it is time nothing matters but the manifestation of his promise. Medically, a woman who has reached the stage of menopause cannot have children, but we have heard of outstanding cases, in those times, medicine or science does not matter. When the angel told Abraham that his wife would conceive, she heard and laughed, scorned, but God overlooked it and fulfilled his promise. God will overlook your wrong doings and fulfil his promise over your life.
 *If onlys would not matter at the SET TIME.God has handed over what we could not do in 2020 to us, pray for wisdom and knowledge but remember, He is wisdom personified, seek him, find him and you get wisdom and knowledge.
 *Secure the presence of God.
 *There is a set time, if only you knew, you would not stress over things that are not meant to be now and focus on those that are meant to, then things would be better.

Bible references 

*Genesis 17: 21          But my covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear unto thee at this SET TIME in the next year.
 *Genesis 18:14         Is anything too hard for the Lord? AT THE TIME APPOINTED I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son
 *Genesis 18:12         Therefore Sarah LAUGHED within herself �..
 *Genesis 21: 1-2           And the Lord visited Sarah AS HE HAD SAID, and the Lord did unto Sarah AS HE HAD SPOKEN. For Sarah conceived and bare Abraham a son in HIS OLD AGE at the SET TIME of which God had spoken to him.
 *Psalm 102: 13          Thou shall ARISE and have mercy upon Zion : for THE TIME to favour her,  yea, THE SET TIME is come

I could go on, but, I would just stop here. We would pick up another time, this journal is loaded, but I would try sharing things from it more often. Have a wonderful year. Be determined and do not forget to save, make e no be like na only me dey save. Let me know if you are. If you prefer saving apps, I recommend Cowrywise.
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