So here I am, typing this in my sister’s room since the light bulb in my room is bad and I have refused to fix it. Honestly, these network providers have been frustrating me of recent. And i feel cheated by Airtel. I have been using my Airtel SIM for over 6 years and they still do not know how to treat me right, tchew, won omo customer daada.

  First bank also has not been fair, I tried buying data from my account since yesterday and they are spilling okoto .Why this stress God? I am a gentle girl. I switched to MTN and the network is terrible, it hasn’t always been this way but these people want to frustrate me and it’s working. I AM STRESSED!

There hasn’t been light steadily for days, special thank you to generators, they are the real MVPs. And damn, this heat can cook noodles and it will still burn. Why can it not be a cool evening? Why this? Why me?

And oh, my pimples came back after vanishing for almost a year, little devils. WHY CANT THEY STAY AWAY FROM ME, am I that fine? hehe They came back strong and I have them in chunks scattered all over my face. I am too lazy to fight them off because I am not going out, thanks to the virus. 

I definitely grew fatter. I believe a lot of people did  this holiday and if you have not PRAISE GOD SOMEBODY. I gained just 3kg and I look all bloated up, a friend gained 10kg and she doesn’t look like she gained more than 5kg, you see say this life no balance.

 I have been lazy with my work out too. I have my alarm set for 6am and every time it goes off I wake up just to dismiss it, who am I deceiving? I need a work out partner, please apply. I am serious oh.

I have to charge my phone now but believe me I could go on and on but I do not talk too much. 

Imagine, I forgot to play music.

Now playingHow does a moment last forever by guess who

I am not so sure that is the song title though. 

Do you really think I am playing the song?

What are you angry about?

To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .

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