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It is a Sunday evening but you would be reading this on a Friday so i am not lying. I have postponed writing this in my head till two weeks from now, no, not due to procrastination relax, but due to the fact that I have been waiting for the right time. Now look at who is sitting down typing like she is a secretary to some business tycoon. Phew. This being my first blog post I wanted this to be flawless so I kept hearing tick tocks. 

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Unveiling me, I am Solanke Rhoda or Oluwashindara or Dara since I`m yet to decide which of the these names I like most so you can call me any, a girl who has bread and not so hot tea as a favourite food and loves writing which is one of the reasons I`m doing this, please don`t ask when I started writing, a lot of people ask me this but the truth is I can`t remember. I could say I just woke up one day and started writing if you`re that curious to know.

This is going to be a personal and lifestyle blog. I would share my opinions on a whole lot of things and thoughts that go down in my not so big head which I do not usually share with people. Why? (another question you should not ask me). I should not warn you to get ready to be blown away but I am a nice girl so you really should get ready

Having a blog is something I always looked up to, a lot of people do not know so I like to see this as a baby step. I always asked me if I was ready for this anytime Success darling, my web designer gives update and friends like Stella and darlings like Anhell ask what is up with Rainbow heart?  or what is up with your website?, mehn, my chest always had hiccups.

Why The Rainbow Heart?  Let us just say this is a blog of different emotions. It`s the best way I can explain, I`m sorry if that was not so explanatory. I am pretty sure this post decides if you would ever check out this blog again but I can not promise a smooth ride, I can only promise to be real.

 Is bread and tea that bad to have as a favourite food? I`m honestly tired of the looks I get when I tell people I enjoy eating bread and tea, someone even told me it`s meant for sick people.

To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .

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