When I am gone. . . remember me in a sunset or in a smile of a friend. Remember me when you think of my favourite bible verses. But do not spend a lot of time and money on me after I die. I will be celebrating with Jesus by then, and I want you to celebrate too.

It has been barely three weeks yet it feels like it has been forever. 

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It has been quite a well since I talked about exercising and the whole I am getting fat scare. I still care about but I sincerely do not have the strength for that anymore. In simple terms, e go be.

When I was in JSS3, I read my first Karen Kingsbury novel which was UNLOCKED. 

I never was a fan of reading books and if I had to, I would spend days, maybe weeks reading one book but Karen has a way of getting you hooked up on her book the moment you read the first few pages (actually you get hooked after reading the first page but I do not want it to seem like I am exaggerating).

 Unlocked is the story of a young boy who had to fight through autism (a neurological disorder that is observable in early childhood and persists throughout the lifespan. Diagnosis involving a tendency to engage in self-centered fantasy, considered a symptom of insanity).  I sure cried while reading the book, well, that is what Karen does, she makes you get emotionally attached to the characters of her book. Check out the Baxter family drama series, you would understand.

These past few weeks, I have been reading a lot of her novels, I almost do not want to read anything that is not from her. The Baxter family drama series, Divine, Unlocked, I love them all. I plan to get all her novels, she has over 40.


This particular novel is striking. Yes, I cried again. It centres on the story of a successful girl who has been through a lot (no, relax this one is not the usual life struggle). She was born by a drug addict and sex worker and at 10, she was whisked away and sucked into the life of prostitution against her will. I really should break it down but I am afraid I might bore you so click HERE to read the summary of this wonderful book. It broadens the faithfulness of God ( Yeah, it is a Christian novel, one that you would like). A riveting tale of tragedy and redemption!

You really should start reading Karen Kingsbury books, you would love the trill, suspense, scare, shock and all the things she has packaged. I should warn you, you cannot predict what happens next, she has a way of twisting emotions. And yes, check out her website Karenkingsbury;

How are you, really?

To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .

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