Dishes that should be included in the owambe food menu


It has been raining for days now and I love the weather, absolutely perfect. Also, I am considering going vegan for a month or two, I would gist you later but for now let us concentrate on food. 

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I do not want to believe that I am the only one tired of eating rice or amala at owambes. Well, I know other dishes are served but who gave the rule that jollof rice and amala and maybe semo should be served as the main dish? Fried rice finishes way too fast heaven knows why. 

I would love to see pepper soup being served, fish or meat or yam or chicken or maybe all but please include this on your next owambe menu but remember, not all Yorubans like pepper. I do not think you would love to see people cry at your owambe. Just put pepper in a spice bottle on the table any human who wants more should help themselves. Eshey o.

Bread and beans. I agree this seems weird, maybe because I love bread since bread and tea would seem super weird if served. But there is a way to make it oyinboish since that is what you all like. Serve a loaf of bread, sliced in the middle so the guest get to fill it up with beans then roll fork and knife inside tissue paper for them and boom, they eat. Or, you could just fill up a loaf of bread with beans and cut it into thin slices and they eat it with fork and knife. Think about it, bread and beans sandwich. But please we do not eat stones.

Eba ? I am not a fan but I think this is served at some parties so let us skip this.

Yam and egg, yes dear. I think hosts serve this at naming ceremonies in those days (Yes, I can now say ‘in those days’. I am getting old. Hehe) Children of these days cannot relate. This fits just put fork and maybe knife but please do not cut the yam into big chunks, it can be scary and ugly.

If you think pizza or sharwama would be added to the menu, please shift because why? Why would you want that? To replace those let us add bread and honey to the menu. Do not worry , it would be sliced bread with honey spread. You would still have the feel of eating pizza.



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  1. Lol , bread and tea for owambe , might be good for office gatherings😂 but most people would like to eat something solid like Iyan. I remember how full I was when I had 2 wraps last 2 months


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