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There is a big announcement to be unveiled at the end of this post so I advice that you read till the end, do not skip to the end to have a peek at the announcement, it would not work.

I talked about insecurities in my last post and I was glad you poured out your mind in the comment section but let us deal with shy ones in this post. Being shy can be amazingly annoying, there are times I have had a plan in mind for so long and when I finally want to execute it, boom, I freeze. Why? I am shy. 

We most times get cheated because we feel shy to make appearances or to speak our mind (we do not want to sound silly and dumb). It sort of links to being insecure. I get shy at times because I am scared I would not get the attention I desire especially when it balls down to public speaking. 

Public speaking is something I have always wanted to try (P.S, I sometimes practice it when I am alone) but I am shy to try public speaking because I am scared that while I am speaking, someone seated in my audience could be looking out for my flaws,

Why is her head shaped like that?

She would look better if she had a smaller nose

Who wears those shoes!!!!

    even if no one thinks that, my imaginations would force me into believing that someone actually is and I would eventually fumble. 

I just feel shy people care too much about the opinion of others due to low self esteem. Being shy could slow things down for you, while you should be doing amazing stuff, you are being too shy to put yourself out there. We all want to be perfect but can we really be? I am slowly beginning to breakout of my shell, I hope you are too. Someone somewhere is suffering because you are too shy to help them. Do your thing, those who love it would appreciate, those who do not would ignore. Did anybody die?

A friend shared his opinion and I thought I should share……..

What is your opinion about shy humans?

What do you think we can do to overcome shyness?

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