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Between my previous post on body oil and now, I lost 2kg and I am proud of myself (I did not go through any routine, it just happened). I got me a skipping rope and all I can say is it is not an easy something! The first day I tried skipping, I had just two jumps and that was it. I feel it was because I tried it in the evening but I tried it again today and though I did not count, I know I had more than a hundred jumps. If only that would make me lose 5kg but ko possible.

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The fact that as a child, I never played mummy and daddy or this rubber game prompted this post. I never even got to play in the rain. Not that my childhood was not fun but oh well, I barely can remember anything.

Oh yeah! I do remember playing this tinko tinko game and my grandmother likes to wear skirt (Sounds fun abi?). Jeez, those days, I would cry whenever I did not win. Who remembers after round one? I was beaten severally at this game mehn!(The slaps). My elder sister and big cousins always made sure the younger ones lost and till date I am not good at the game. I doubt if you know the 1960 song (I guess this one is not common). 

I do not want to talk about the tic-tac-toe games (popularly known as X and O) because it annoys me. I`m not so good at it. I think the fact that I am not so good at playing games, and I almost never win are the reasons for my dislike of gaming. I grew up with lovely neighbours who were also church members. We played together, that made my younger days fun. 

Let`s talk Kiddies candy? Cadbury`s caramel bar, a.k.a GoodyGoody, Kiddy milk (also known as Sibije) and Robo chocolate candy (Robo Robo) are about the only candy I remember enjoying as a child. I still remember their respective tastes. Hmm, so yummy! 

Well that is all I remember. But if there is anything I left out, please leave it in the comment section.

Is the daddy and mummy game overrated?

What other games did I miss out?

What made your childhood fun?

Where you ever scared of Father Christmas?

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