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Today is warm, different from other days; wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too different. And oh, I started working out today, but as I jogged, I had to deal with my parents’ laughter. I was really going to stop after a month, but wait a minute, would that not be too early? 

After watching a television show of how these twin girls, who weighed about 600 pounds, struggled to lose weight, I concluded that I could go a year jogging. You need to wish me luck. 

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Oh well, I like old songs and you cannot blame me.

Since the beginning of this COVID-19 break, things have been a lot more boring. I am pretty sure most of us would agree with me on that. But if this worrisome break has not been so much of a bore to you, oh well, that is great!

I have been dabbling into a whole lot of things. The good stuff about this break is that it comes with a lot of opportunities; it all boils down to how we use it. Lost intimacy with God because of work? Fix it! Got a bad skin? Fix it! I have basically been learning things I never dreamt I could, and how is that going? Oh, well!

A few weeks back, I saw a lot of people willing to teach on how to make skincare products at a ridiculously cheap price or at no cost at all.  So, what did I do? I signed up and boy, I have learnt! 

I would be sharing a couple of things I learnt that would definitely be of help to you, I hope? 

I got interested in making body oil, since I found out that there is banana oil. (Lol. Yeah, it was strange to me, but I do not know if it is to you.) 

Believing I could make oil out of almost everything, I once attempted to make potato oil, but nothing like oil came out. (I was disappointed).

We move! 

I will basically teach on how to make some different body oil. 

We can start with the Avocado oil. Shall we?

1. Wash twelve avocados and cut each one in half around the pit.

2. Use a spoon to scoop the fruit of the avocado and deposit it in a food processor or blender.

3. Blend the fruit until it forms a smooth paste.

4. Pour the blended avocado in a pot or frying pan.

5. Pour enough carrier oil (olive oil or coconut oil) to cover and cook the avocado on medium heat.

6. Cook until the water evaporates and the mixture changes from light green to dark green or brown.

7. Thereafter, pour the mixture in a clean cheesecloth and strain out the entire oil.

8. Pour the oil in a bottle.

Benefits? Absolutely! 

1. It prevents hair loss

2. Improves the skin and enhances wound healing

3. Prevents and treats acne 

4. Treats sunburn

5. Reduces signs of aging

6. Improves the scalp health

Almond Oil:

1. Blend the almond seeds 

2. Add the carrier oil

3. Pour into a bottle 

4. Leave for two to four weeks until you get enough oil.


1. Keeps the skin healthy

2. Protects the skin from UV radiation damage

3. Helps the skin look smooth, soft and free of lines

4. Helps the skin retain moisture and heal chapped and irritated skin.

Phew! And there are more where those came from. 

I really cannot write about all the body oil there is, but you can bet, I will definitely mention a few more in my next post. 

And lest I forget, you could also add few drops of Vitamin A oil to the already made oil. Relax! You can get Vitamin A oil in any good pharmacy. 


To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .

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