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I really do not know how to start this but here I am, stuck behind this screen.

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I just watched The Train, yes, I just did. I told you in my previous post that I do not like seeing movies because I feel they are boring, that does not mean I do not watch them at all. So yeah, I just watched the lieblich movie that most of you have seen months back, my take? I LOVE IT. And my advice, do not give up on your dreams, you could be replaced (I feel like a motivational speaker but for real darlings, do not).

This post is long overdue, do not mind me, I have been trying to put things in order, a whole lot of things actually, I might need a manager but before then, I need a perfect day. My idea of a perfect day is basically one without stress, no, maybe an atom of stress but absolutely no pressure.

You know the feel of waking up without any feel of pressure. The day I wake up without having to cook because I can feast on the junk in the fridge without anyone scolding me because junks are not meant to be eaten in the morning, who made the rule? I would crawl back to bed to wake up an hour later, now that is a beauty sleep. Study, go for a walk (yes, just walk not all these wicked work out that hurt my bones), have my bath and admire my spotless skin in the mirror (I am just saying, my skin is not exactly spotless). Then start work but with soft music in the background and a cup of coffee (I would prefer a box of junks and juice, I am just trying to act like a grown up). I definitely do not want to walk around angrily cursing the network providers because I cannot find a perfect spot to provide fast internet connection (yes, GLO I am calling you out)

The koko is I need motivation, not in words but in the environment, the wave of breeze. I am tired of waking up in a tense environment where you rush around your day doing things that really do not matter and while trying to have a recap in the late evening on your bed feeling tired from doing useless things only to find out you did nothing on your to do list. Your tiredness, fooling you into believing you did something worthwhile, a waste. But does it come easy?

I am learning to love my smile, I found out that I do not really smile, no, there have been a million reasons to make me smile but most times, I pass because I feel the things I want are not here yet. So, I am learning to smile and slowly believing the tales I hear, I have a beautiful smile.  

My perfect day does not even include me going for lectures and all wahalas related to school. I am slowly forgetting the fact that I am a student, thanks to the pandemic.

Plus, I want to have shoot, who wants to snap my pretty face?

What is your idea of a perfect day?

What is your matric number? I want to see something. Or have you forgotten? (I cannot remember my portal password)

To say I love writing doesn't express how wild it burns within me, it's a lifestyle .

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